The Installation part of VERITAS is a comprehensive electrical and fire installation design service provider for the design, improvement, consultation, or construction of any type of facility. VERITAS provides high quality of installation Design services for any electrical system (such as HV substation, LPS, HVAC, any types of panels board, Industrial electrical wiring system, Fire Protection, Mechanical, Plumbing System etc) including:

  • Site selection and planning and layout.
  • Air Insulated outdoor switchgear & conductor systems
  • Indoor medium voltage switchgear
  • Protection/Control and SCADA systems
  • Multi core / multi pair cabling
  • Ear thing Systems
  • Associated LV / Control equipment
  • Dismantling & disposal of redundant equipment

Any type of electrical installation design to be a combination of reliability and quality of the power supply, safety, economics, maintainability, simplicity of operation and functionality

Safety of life and preservation of property are the two most important factors in the design of the substation. Codes to be following and recommend practices or standards to be following in the selection and application of material and equipment.