VERITAS Bangladesh LTD. To carry on the business as contractor, importer, exporter, supplier, distributor, marketing, commission agent, shipping, recruiting agent, consultant, developer, builder, manage and supervise all sorts of real estate business, construction and renovation related works for residential & commercial building, roads & highway, bridge, culvert, sluice-gate, drainage, sewerage, construction and civil works, BSC either alone or jointly with other companies or firms or individual both local and foreign or act as local agent or partner of partner of foreign company's) firm. We had launched business from the year 2000 as proprietorship firm and later on we had registered as a Private Limited company in the year of 2015. VERITAS Bangladesh LTD. has an independent, objective oriented and committed team of highly qualified Architectural, Structure, Fire & Electrical Engineers dedicated to set a benchmark in the professional field. We are always innovative and maintain quality in order to meet the needs of our clients as well as our ethical value.

VERITAS Bangladesh LTD. To carry on the business of international contractor/builders, erects, engineers, structural and architecture designers, steel fabrication work's, civil & mechanical wok's , electromechanical work's, chemical and metallurgical, bio-medical, computer engineers and consultants undertaking to execute, contracts, plan and design, development project, improvement work, control and manage any building retrofitting work's, road, bridges, railways, waterways, dockyards, sea ports, air ports, gas works, reservoirs electric power station, power sub-station, power transmission & distribution, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) and light supply works, real estate & housing and socio-economic & demographic surveyors, estimators, project management etc.

Our firm fully recognizes the importance of protecting the National ecosystem, minimizing our environmental footprint and reducing the use of natural resources by offering and encouraging business solutions in ways that support responsible and sustainable development.

VERITAS Bangladesh LTD. is committed to continuous improvement of its environmental performance to minimize its impact on the environment and we are encouraging our employees and business partners to do the same.

We develop solutions to assist the clients in managing and mitigating the risk on large infrastructure projects. This ultimately contributes to enhanced project performance through improved overall quality, reduction in project delays and the minimization of re-work. VERITAS Bangladesh LTD. adds the value to every client engagement through our technical and regulatory expertise with also our conformity assessment process. Our services represent a maximization of the years of operational life of a given facility.