Our Recent Completed Projects


** VBL has been completed successfully a project under its sister concern VEC for more then 630 RMG Factories (Over then 1800+ assessment) Structural integrity, Electrical and Fire safety issues.

**  VBL has completed successfully under its sister concern VEC for more then 2100 CAP's (Corrective Action Plan) follow-up program.

 ** VBL below projects completed for:

[DEA with seismic vulnerability Assessment, Architectural, as Built & Structural Design with Design Report, Floor Load Plan, Retrofitting, Fire Prevention & Electrical Drawing, Structural & Electrical Testing, Thermal Scanning, Fire (all kinds) & Electrical equipments (BBT, Sub-Station & HVAC System) Installation & CAPs Solution]


Client/Organization Name

Covered Area


Structural Assessment+Design Report

NOMAN Group (12 nos of Buildings )

Architectural + Structural Assessment+DEA+ Retrofitting

UNI Group, at Chittagong

Structural Assessment+DEA+ Electrical Drawings + Fire Safety Design & Drawings  + Retrofitting works + Construction

TRZ Group

Structural Assessment+Design Report+ Electrical Drawings + Fire Drawings

NRS Group

GREEN (GOLD) Project + Architectural + Structural + Electrical & Fire Safety Design & Drawings  + Total Installation + HVAC + BBT + Substation + Construction

Palmal Group

Structural Assessment+DEA

DBL Group

Testing for amending RCC Building

Standard Group

Testing for amending RCC Building

Rupayan Group (Commercial & Residential Building)

Structural Assessment+DEA

Rowa Fashion Ltd.

Structural Assessment + DEA + Retrofitting

Trouser World Ltd.

Structural Assessment + DEA + Retrofitting

Paxko Ltd.

DEA + Electrical + Fire

Hample Rhee Manufacturer Co. Ltd.

Electrical + Fire + Installation

Joowon Global Fashion

Structural Assessment+DEA + Retrofitting

Usha Sweater Company Ltd

Structural Assessment+DEA

Shaikat Knitwear

CAP Management + Electrical

CITY Bank Ltd. (all branchs of BD)

Structural Assessment


Structural Assessment+DEA + Electrical + Fire + BBT+ Substation + Installation

Mehnaz Styles and Craft Ltd

Fire equipments Installation

Green World Fashion Ltd.

Structural Assessment+DEA

Binni Fashion Ltd.

Structural Assessment+DEA+ Retrofitting